Thursday, August 28, 2008

DJ Marc Elias :: Tribute To Grandmaster Flash

Thanks for tuning in!

Right now I am coming off this amazing high from this memoir I read - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash: My Life, My Beats about Grandmaster Flash.

After finishing the book (in under a week) - mind you I never finish books in one week. I had to get on the decks and celebrate the "scratch" with some of my favorite old school jams.

While I am refining my skills and enjoying the art of scratching and cuing I would love to hear from you. Were you feeling this mix? What didn't you like?

Leave your comments on the blog and receive a shot-out on the next mix tape. I hope you continue returning to the Everlasting DJ's and certainly if you dig this blog please share it with your friends.

Regards and best wishes,
Marc Elias

PS - You can view the first half of the mix being created at Youtube.


Anonymous said...

i likey :)

Anonymous said...

added this mix on my ipod for the gym and loved it! thanks dj