Thursday, May 22, 2008

Loyal Dance Music Listeners - This Mix Is For You

Thank you to the five (5) loyal visitors who voted in last weeks poll. Although I would love to make three different mixes I only had time to make one. So without further delay, enclosed is a new DJ Marc Elias Dance/House music mix for those listeners who voted.

I encourage all of you post your comments and rate this mix. All opinions are welcomed - especially if you thought this was complete garbage. Personally, I thought the mixing was crap but the show must go on - listen and judge for yourself.

Take note; at 21m 36seconds the music goes off for three seconds. My Serato was acting up! I closed this mix with Guns N Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine as a throw back for fun.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Unforgettable Muscians

Over the course of four weeks I have lost a close family friend and my uncle. Funerals are no fun! Yes I have been experiencing remorse however none of you are interested in that. The purpose of this post is to share with you a couple songs from artists whose lives have also expired.

This is a celebration of people young and old who left behind unforgettable memories. You [the decease] will not be forgotten!


Sunday, May 04, 2008

DJ Superstar Spins At One (1) Year Old Birthday Party, Clown Takes The Show

On a whim I decided to stroll over to to see what DJ gigs may be available. After surfing around for a couple minutes I found an advertisement from a restaurant owner looking for entertainment. Six days later I was setup at the venue ready to spin-spin sugar.

Turns out management double booked with a communion and a one (1) year old birthday party. There was a clown, balloons, cake and even a pinata. It was a trip to see all these two, three and four year olds running around. The birthday boy (1yrs of age) appeared to be happy however you never know if he was just being quiet because he had nothing good to say about the place, music or people attending. (j/k)

Anyways it was real cool - grandma and grandpa were there dancing to salsa, the kids got some of there popular music played and everyone enjoyed the classics set. All in all it was a lot of fun and despite my anxieties about the shady management - I got paid in full that night.

My first successful venture using I cannot say the same for my experience looking for apartments through this free website.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

70's Music Is Really Awesome

Sorry to anyone who tried to download this mix in the past two days. I learned my previous storage provider did not host files. This has since been resolved, please give it another shot.

Before leaving for work I grabbed the laptop plugged in my little Apple Nano and decided to download some 70's funk/soul tracks. Before I knew it I was totally funking out to some old school classics while riding the subway to work.

I was inspired to spin a quick set. By no means would I say this is well mixed. Just a raw n gritty throw-down. Tune-in let me know what you want to hear next. - dj Marc Elias -

Friday, May 02, 2008

Drunk DJ Guidebook

While talking to Stacy Stylez I learned about a DJ loosing his mojo. Folks this is a textbook episode of what NOT to do when you are booked to entertain people.

Quick business 101, when a bar/club manager books a DJ they are investing in their venue and expect returns. In my humble opinion, the DJ is to blame if the bar is not ringing drink orders. That's assuming there are two petite curvaceous females behind the bar pouring drinks like it's a grab bag sale at Louis Vuitton

Anyway, so word round camp fire is this DJ [Dood] completely flipped out on the job. What I gathered from Stacy is that this Dood got shit faced, then stopped the music and picked up the mic. Pause, before Dood I used to DJ this shift at the same venue. I would have paid to be there! Continue, so with mic in hand Dood begins to shout profanity at the crowd and staff. Talking bout the crappy sound system and DJ equipment.

I mean I've worked on some less than slick equipment before but you make do. I also know when you stop the music, all eyes are on the DJ. I want you to imagine rolling up to someplace, you get a drink at the bar, do a tour round to check out the inventory and the DJ straight-out cuts the music and bugs out on the microphone. Classic, absolutely classic.

To add to this charade, I heard his drunk girlfriend was trying to sing happy birthday to one of her pledge sisters being held up at the bar.

Word to the wise, DJ's handle your liquor or you could end up embarrassing yourself like Dood.