Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bedroom Mix V1


I figured we all could use some new music on the way to work tomorrow. I picked a couple of my favorite old school hip-hop tracks and went at it.

I will be the first to say, I am somewhat of a novice at cutting up (aka scratching) hip-hop. You be the judge - please reply back with a comment rating this short mix.

Rating System 1 - 5

1 = i listened to the first minute and deleted it
2 = it was ok - kinda was waiting for it to end
3 = not too shabby, you have potential
4 = i listened from beginning to end and look forward to the next Bedroom Mix
5 = this was dope - where can I catch you play live

Thanks for tuning in. I am looking forward to hearing from you!!

Marc Elias

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