Sunday, May 04, 2008

DJ Superstar Spins At One (1) Year Old Birthday Party, Clown Takes The Show

On a whim I decided to stroll over to to see what DJ gigs may be available. After surfing around for a couple minutes I found an advertisement from a restaurant owner looking for entertainment. Six days later I was setup at the venue ready to spin-spin sugar.

Turns out management double booked with a communion and a one (1) year old birthday party. There was a clown, balloons, cake and even a pinata. It was a trip to see all these two, three and four year olds running around. The birthday boy (1yrs of age) appeared to be happy however you never know if he was just being quiet because he had nothing good to say about the place, music or people attending. (j/k)

Anyways it was real cool - grandma and grandpa were there dancing to salsa, the kids got some of there popular music played and everyone enjoyed the classics set. All in all it was a lot of fun and despite my anxieties about the shady management - I got paid in full that night.

My first successful venture using I cannot say the same for my experience looking for apartments through this free website.

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